Dominique Renard by Stephane Klein

A word from the president

There are hundreds of festivals in France and thousands all over the world; some small, some big whose only common question is: how to meet its audience?

We too have tried to answer this question by programming artists we consider to be of high quality, adding a zest of emotion, and letting the places we invest sublimate the experience. It is true that as such we are exceptionally spoiled. Saint-Emilion is not just a wine village; it is the world capital of quality. We already have internationally renowned artists: all these fabulous properties that produce divine nectar and attract more than a million visitors each year, eager for history, heritage and above all, dream.

Because that’s what this is all about:  to make people dream in a world that falls more than ever fall into the madness of a disenchanted reality. So take the time to come to see us, climb the hill and look at the panorama from the bell tower, admire the valleys covered with vineyards and allow yourself to go for a walk in the most beautiful medieval village that still exists in France today. Come and have lunch at the Parc where the great wine bar, heart of the Festival, awaits you. And enjoy the most prestigious wines.

You can listen to the artists we have selected. Then, in the evening, you will cross the road to the Douves du Palais Cardina, where the big stage will host the Festival ‘s headliners.

Three days to dream, three days to share emotion, three days of festivals and music: this is the experience we invite you to share with us.

Dominique Renard
Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival president

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